Governance and Capacity Building

According to the Yamani economic indicators the ratio of poverty in Yemen has increased to 85% and the ratio of increased prices has become 150% since the outbreak of the war until now, in a country classified as a young country with 75% of its population under the age of 30. In the sector of economic and social empowerment, we are interested in creating economic employment opportunities for young people and developing their capacities to improve the chances of obtaining employment opportunities or establishing their own projects, we are also keen to create an encouraging environment to invest young people’s energies and ideas and transform them into community youth initiatives and projects on the ground.

The intervention areas

Aden – Lahj – Abyan

Number of projects


Total donation(budget)

439,581 $

Total beneficiaries


The Activates

  • Training as a presenter at parties
  • Training as a presenter at parties
  • training on sphere
  • Community participation training
  • Training on empowerment and youth participation
  • Training the initiatives on courses in personality and Institutional building
  • Funding of initiatives projects
  • provide Operational support for the initiatives
  • Honoring ceremony for initiatives
  • Make short videos of four small projects

Projects Names


Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY)

The Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY) has been designed to buttress the resilience of local governance systems in Yemen to reinforce the resilience and recovery of conflict-affected communities. The Project is based on the assessment that, in a context of protracted conflict and massive population movements across the country, which a...