#NMO_ORG concludes the emergency education support project

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#NMO_ORG concludes the emergency education support project
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#NMO_ORG has concluded one of its most prominent projects in the education sector and child protection, which is the emergency education support project funded by #ECW and in partnership with #NRC in Al Khawkha and Tuhayat Al Hodeidah. 

This project, which mainly focuses on targeting displaced children to the directorates of Al-Khawkha and Al-Tuhayat from different conflict areas, built 17 temporary classrooms for three targeted schools to alleviate the pressure on schools as a result of displacement, in addition to fully rehabilitating 3 schools, including WASH services, while providing Sufficient solar energy systems to fully cover the school’s needs with electricity. The school wall in At-Tuhayta was rebuilt and 6 new bathrooms were built to cover students ’needs, and the school was connected to the public water network, all with the aim of equipping schools and making them operable and working and receiving students returning to schools. 

In addition, this project, which will benefit 3240 beneficiaries, has implemented many different activities that will facilitate the educational process, including: 

  • Provision of other essential school furniture for the TLCs and other school classes.
  • Distributing school kits to the displaced students in the targeted schools.
  • Distributing teachers' kits.
  • Providing recreational kits for each of the targeted schools.
  • Training number of teachers in the field of education in emergencies and psychosocial support.
  • Provision of temporary teachers' incentives.
  • Support and establishment of Parent Teachers Associations (PTA).
  • Implementing back to school campaign to motivate students to continue education.

All of this will aim to ensure that displaced school-age students return to education.

it is mentioned that the organization is working on other major programs and sectors which are: shelter - food security and livelihood - Wash Sanitation and hygiene - Governance and Skill-building sector and all of which aim to empower society through humanitarian response and development programs.


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