#NMO_ORG continues to support livelihoods and food security

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#NMO_ORG continues to support livelihoods and food security
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In the field of food security and livelihood #NMO_ORG continues to implement one of its most prominent sustainable projects, which is "supporting livelihoods project through agricultural + cash assistance" in Radfan and Bayhan with support of #YHF.

This project, which began several months ago, is currently going through a period of agricultural crop growth, which will increase the income of farming families and rehabilitate productive assets.

Earlier, the organization distributed agricultural tools to the beneficiaries and agricultural seeds such as maize - inter-wheat - zucchini - sesame - barley - okra, which farmers are currently working on cultivating and this project will benefit 1,600 families, which depend on extremely vulnerable agriculture in those districts and at high risk of acute food insecurity.

It is mention that the organization is working on several other programs: shelter / NFIs - Wash, Sanitation and hygiene - Education program and Child protection - Governance and Skill-building Program.


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