#NMO_ORG implements the rehabilitation activity of the Covid-19 centers

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#NMO_ORG implements the rehabilitation activity of the Covid-19 centers
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Within the project of the emergency shelter and non-food items distribution project, #NMO_ORG is currently implementing an activity to rehabilitate Covid-19 centers with support of #UNHCR in Al Khokha and Mokha.

This activity works to rehabilitate these centers from several aspects, the most important of which are: the installation of solar energy systems, treatment of the center's roofs to prevent water leakage, work of coatings and paint for interior walls and ceilings, treatment of cracks, supply, and installation of washbasins for washing hands and faucets, supply and installation of water tanks and suction fans for bathrooms and the main gates of these centers.

All of this aims to make them work very efficiently in treating patients with Covid-19 virus.


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