#NMO_ORG implements the education support project for IDPs in Al Khokha and Tuhayta

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#NMO_ORG implements the education support project for IDPs in Al Khokha and Tuhayta
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As part of its plan to rehabilitate many schools to ensure the continuity of students in education, #NMO_ORG is currently implementing the project of supporting education for IDPs in Al-Khawkhah and Al-Tuhayat in Al-Hudaydah with support from #YHF.

The organization is currently working on building 24 temporary classrooms in 8 schools in these areas and rehabilitating them and including water and sanitation facilities.

The project will also implement many different activities that will facilitate the educational process, such as providing school furniture, distributing bags for students and teachers, recreational and ambulance bags, and also working on establishing and forming a parent council for schools and training teachers in the field of emergency and psychosocial support.

All this aims to ensure that schools remain open to support the continuity of enrollment of the 4,000 boys and girls in education in the districts of Al-Khawkha and Al-Tuhayatah in Al Hudaydah.


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