#NMO_ORG Trains Youth Trainees from "ASPIR" Scholarship

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#NMO_ORG Trains Youth Trainees from "ASPIR" Scholarship
Nahda Makers

As part of its efforts to build the capacities and development of youth, #NMO_ORG and with active partnership with AMIDEAST, is currently working on training 6 trainees from (ASPIR) scholarship by integrating them into all departments of human resources, communication, and programs (Education and Child protection, Wash, Sanitation and hygiene, Shelter).

This training works to qualify young people and build their capabilities to integrate into the environment of national organizations working in community service.

The manager of the human resources department in the organization (Mr. Khaled Hassan) said that: the decision to adopt these young people and train them in various fields will work to qualify them and giving them opportunities for creativity and to know the workflow procedures and how to achieve the goals of the organization and he said also during the previous training period, the trainees set the most amazing examples of commitment, responsibility and participation in achieving goals that serve the community through rapid humanitarian response.


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