Rain water suction ... an end to epidemics and fevers

الوقت 3 months before
Rain water suction ... an end to epidemics and fevers
Nahda Makers

Due to the climatic changes experienced by most cities in the world at the present time, Aden faced a wave of heavy rains that led to floods in most of its districts. They caused physical and health damages to many people. As many neighborhoods are filled with water because of the high-water levels of the rainwater stagnation for many days in various areas. As the high prices of water suction truck which led the residents to make urgent appeals to humanitarian organizations to intervene in the suction of rainwater that surrounds them and threatens them either with diseases or death. As the city faced many fevers; dengue fever, malaria, and Chikungunya, simultaneously with the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, which killed tens of people, also it caused anxiousness for some of them.

The residents of the area stated that they had never experienced a humanitarian health disaster like this before. However, the rapid humanitarian intervention of #NMO_ORG team, which funded by #Muslim_Aid & #Muslim_Aid_USA within emergency COVID-19 response project as this activity included provision of water suction trucks to captive the epidemics and fevers diseases.

This intervention included the areas of Khormaksar district, where all stagnant water was suctioned out in most neighborhoods of the district. This effort was praised by the people of Khormaksar district. They thanked and expressed their satisfaction to Nahda Makers Organization team because the rainwater stagnation is no longer threatened the people with diseases and epidemics.


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