We were happy with the quick response, our lives have returned to normal

الوقت 5 months before
We were happy with the quick response, our lives have returned to normal
Nahda Makers

The conflict has left a major impact. Al Hudayda is one of the areas that were severely affected by the conflict. Some houses have been destroyed. Which led people of Al Hudayda to flee to several places, far away from their relatives and beloved ones. They always hope and dream to return to their home town as soon as possible. some of them decided to return homes, unfortunately, their houses were destroyed.

Qataba village is one of the affected villages, and it's located in Al-khokha district in  Hudaydah governorate, As the people of the village became affected by the conflict in Yemen, their houses were destroyed and they do not have shelters.

NMO team has conducted field visit to Qataba village and they met Awad.

Awad is a father of six children. He is a fisherman. Fishing is his main income. Bust when the weather is bad, he has to work as a construction worker or as a delivery man.

Awad expressed his feelings "When the conflict started. I was at my home, which is made of stone, clay, and thatch-roof. Five days later, we moved to Qataba, I stayed at my friend's house. However, I faced a problem with the lack of food in markets due to crisis. Awad fled to several places later on his foot searching for food and peace. He fled to Kilo-16 street, then to Bajel. When the conflict subsided in his village, he returned back. Unfortunately, he found his home burned: " I was Shooked from what I saw in my home".

When NMO started the UN-HABITAT project. Awad’s wife with her son went to the team and explained what happened to them while the conflict. The next day, the team conducted a visit to their house and listed their names as an affected family. Awad is relieved, saying: “The response was fast. They made us a temporary house made of wood and thatched roof. After a few months, they rebuild my home. We were so glad after such a hard time. I never thought we will have our home again and now we do”.

Since the Housing rehabilitation for conflict affected households project within Qataba Village Al Khawkha District Al Hudaydah and with founding from Japanese government and support from UNHABITAT. NMO has built Rooms, Latrines and rehabilitated affected houses that the conflict caused, they have built 4 Rooms and 10 latrines, they have also rehabilitated 30 houses, 16 latrines and installed solar energy system within the range of the project. 30 households have gotten benefits of the project.


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