"I will come back to school after I stopped for four years"

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"I will come back to school after I stopped for four years"
Nahda Makers

Al Mushqafa camp, one of the camps located in Tuban district Lahj governorate. The camp receives the internally displaced persons from many different conflict governorates such as Al Hudaidah and Taiz. That’s led to a huge number of households in this camp which make it crowded. The children – who are the huge population in the camp - were unable to enroll in studying for years, because several reasons such as there are no schools around the camp and also the parents can not purchase the school supplies such as bags, books, etc. That needs an urgent intervention to prevent dropping out of students and get them back to school as soon as possible.

Nahda Makers Organization met Mohammed Saeed Salem Ali, 13 years old and he is an internally displaced child from Taiz, Damna Khadeer village. Mohammed lives with his family, which consists of 12 members in Al Mushqafa camp. He had studied in his village in Taiz governorate until the fourth grade only. Because of war in Taiz he forced to displace with his family to Lahj governorate. “I dream to be a doctor but I can't complete my studying because, in the past, there were not any nearest schools around the camp”, he said.” when the Organization came to register the students it was like a dream, however, I can't imagine that I will back to school again", he added.

Within the project of education and WASH support in Al Mushqafa area, Lahj governorate, Nahda Makers Organization (NMO) with a partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and by funding Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs got the dropped out students back to school, distributed students' kits, and recreational kits. Mohammed concluded his speech: "I will return to study soon after had stooped for four-years and I thank the organization".


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