Ahmed Al-Haj Mahmoud - Success Stories

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Ahmed Al-Haj Mahmoud - Success Stories
Nahda Makers

In general, the local communities of Ad Dhalea Governorate is characterized by availability of agricultural lands. However, they are lack of agricultural crops due to the limited availability of agricultural seeds in the local market. As a result, NMO with support of FAO has implemented a project of providing emergency livelihood inputs to the most vulnerable households in Ad Dhalea Governorate in five districts, which are: Qa'atabah, Ash Shu'ayb, Al Hussein, Al Azariq and Al Husha.

Ahmed Al-Haj Mahmoud Obaid is one of the beneficiaries of the project of providing emergency livelihood inputs to the most vulnerable families in Ad Dhalea, -65 years old- holded an international master degree in law. He is married and has 7 sons and 6 daughters. All his daughters are married, while his older son is 17 years old. Nahda Makers team met Ahmed and conducted interview with him regarding to the project. Ahmed said: "I had a problem to provide good seeds. Consequently, my land was neglected and after NMO intervention, good seeds has been provided for agriculture”. “When received the millet seeds, I planted the lands in the rainy season because there is a water drought in Al- Azraq district” Ahmed added.

Ahmed got benefits from his cultivated land that is mean, he sold some of crops, while the rest of them used for feeding his livestock. Since that time, Ahmed has taken care of his agricultural land and reaped its benefits


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