HR and Admin Manager

الوقت تم إنتهاء هذا الإعلان.
HR and Admin Manager
Nahda Makers

Job Title: HR and Admin Manager

Reporting to: Executive Director

Sector: HR and Admin

Location: Aden

Contract Duration: Annual/ Fixed Term

NMO is a registered national NGO with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. 284. Our mission is to take the lead to empower communities in Yemen through humanitarian response and sustainable development programs in a professional way through effective partnerships. NMO started its activity in Yemen in 2012 and has been implementing projects in 5 sectors namely FSL, Education, WASH, Shelter, and Governance and Capacity-building.

Nahda Makers Organization is looking for an efficient and qualified person to fill the post of HR and Admin Manager to carry out the following tasks:


Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in preparing strategies and public policies for HR and Admin and contribute to their development.
  2. Preparing the annual management plan and budget in line with the organization's strategic plan and the size of its humanitarian and development interventions during the year and measuring the level of progress in its implementation.
  3. Designing and developing manuals and procedures for HR and Admin Unit and submitting them to the direct manager.
  4. Generating ideas, activities and events related to spreading culture, systems, institutional visions and positive relations between the work team in a way that achieves continuous improvement of the work environment.
  5. Contributing to supporting institutional development processes and supervising their deployment and strengthening among workers.
  6. Developing tools for identifying training needs and monitoring the implementation of their outputs.
  7. Monitor the inventory of HR and Admin needs in accordance with the standards.
  8. Ensure that recruitment processes are conducted in accordance with the procedures followed in the organization.
  9. Building the team's capabilities in relation to human resources and administrative affairs.
  10. Monitor the implementation of the organization's performance management system and procedures.
  11. Supervising employee relations management operations.
  12. Supervising personnel affairs operations such as vacations, promotions, allowances, penalties, grievances, complaints, termination of service, and others.
  13. Propose daily follow-up mechanisms to attend and leave and supervise their implementation in accordance with the regulations followed in the organization and in a manner that does not violate the country's law.
  14. Review the evaluation of job descriptions provided by all units according to the variables of the employees in the organization and ensure that they are implemented correctly.
  15. Ensuring that employees' files and documents are complete, properly preserved, and updated manually and automatically.
  16. Supervising and reviewing employee salaries, benefits and participating in their approval.
  17. Resolve all legal problems in coordination with the legal advisor, which is the result of a dispute between employees.
  18. Circulate the official holidays and ensure that the approved leave system is applied in the organization.
  19. Submitting incentive proposals and adjusting salaries to employees based on changes in the work context.
  20. Approving plans for distributing operational costs and salaries on the organization’s budgets and projects and supervising their implementation.
  21. Approving the organization's procurement and operational services plans.
  22. Approving requests for operational needs in accordance with plans and donor policy
  23. Plan the area and offices for the organization and its employees according to the needs and available resources.
  24. Supervising administrative services such as cleaners work and maintenance management.
  25. Ensuring that employees comply with the administrative regulations and procedures.
  26. Preparing and updating job descriptions that fall under his direct supervision and reviewing the descriptions of indirect subordinates.
  27. Prepare and keep confidential test questions and interviews.
  28. Participation in the CVs screening committee and the interviewing committee and correcting tests for jobs that fall within the scope of administration.
  29. Effective participation in periodic meetings and meetings in and outside the organization related to the job.
  30. Investing opportunities and resources for self-learning and developing a network of professional relationships to raise specialist competence
  31. Archiving documents and following up the work team to do this according to the archive system used in the organization.
  32. Encourage the work team to present new methods and ideas and appreciate it.
  33. Supporting the team in preparing their annual goals, adopting them and following their progress towards achieving them, evaluating the performance of the direct subordinates.
  34. Supervising the setting of annual plans for career development, self-learning and participatory learning to raise their levels of performance and skills.
  35. Show a spirit of cooperation and understanding of the needs and problems of other units related to its field of work and work to accommodate them and contribute effectively to providing solutions to them.
  36. Follow safety and occupational health instructions while performing tasks.
  37. Raise suggestions and conceptions that would raise the level of performance in the organization and inform the persons concerned of any matters that might affect the integrity, impartiality and reputation of the organization.
  38. Compliance with organizational systems, procedures, principles and values in the organization.
  39. Perform other duties related to the job field, as requested by the line manager


Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Bachelor's degree in business administration or a related major
  2. At least 5 years working in the field of human resources

Skills and Competencies:

  1. Advanced English and Arabic Language.
  2. Familiarity with labor laws and regulations.
  3. Experience in employment and career growth.
  4. Planning and management skills
  5. MS office package with advanced Word and Excel
  6. Personal Values and Behavior
  7. Self-Controlled and Responsibility.
  8. Positive and Initiative.
  9. Strategic planning for results
  10. High abilities in communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.
  11. Ability to manage files and work under pressure.
  12. Analysis and problem solving.